Rail and Transportation

MRO factoryIn transportation, SCA has almost 40 years of experience in supplying reliable rolling stock and transportation equipment for the U.S. mass transit and freight market, including being the first Japanese company to supply subway cars for New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

SCA has provided well over 1,500 rail cars to transit agencies including, but not limited to, New York City Transit, Southeastern Philadelphia Transit Authority, and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

SCA continues to expand and diversify its business portfolio by entering into Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services in the passenger & freight markets with global strategic partners, investing in PPP projects, and any other opportunities related to rail transportation.

Infrastructure Projects

SCA also has many years of experience in the field of infrastructure, investing and financing everything from plant construction to complete turnkey projects for the energy industry to automotive fabrication. SCA also owns power generation projects in Mexico and the Caribbean and is hard at work developing renewable energy projects.