Food Industry

SCA trades a variety of foods,  including processed marine products, beef, and commodities such as corn, wheat, and soy for both the industrial and consumer markets.

Forest Products

Sojitz Canada Forest Products Department, which operates in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), has two sections: Logs and Lumber. Our primary business is exporting logs and lumber from North America to Japan for housing. We conduct negotiations, control quality, perform market analysis, and manage logistics in a timely manner for our overseas customers with ten knowledgeable members generating $300 million in sales annually.

The Log section consists of six members and one contractor who reside in Seattle. We currently have four 28,000 to 32,000 ton chartered vessels, one of which is dedicated to loading from the US. We ship about forty vessels per year filled with softwood logs such as Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Balsam, Spruce, Yellow and Red Cedar mainly to Japan and occasionally Korea. With its growing economy, China is becoming our primary focus for expansion.  Sojitz is the largest log exporter to Japan and in the past couple of years we have been increasing plywood log business in North America.  Currently, we load out of Fraser Surrey, Port Alberni, and Nanaimo in British Columbia, and Alaska and Longview in the U.S. Prior to loading to our designated ports, we conduct log inspections to ensure that quality meets each of our customer’s desired standards.

Although forestry might sound like a rural industry in a developed country like Canada, it still remains one of the biggest industries in British Columbia. The Sojitz Canada Lumber section consists of four members.  Most of the lumber we trade is used for housing materials in Japan and most is shipped by containers.  Our main focus is “Custom Cut” which is a very unique field in the lumber industry in British Columbia.  We secure sawmill shifts to produce items specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. We inspect logs stored in the river and in the ocean, create cut specifications, supervise sawmill production, and arrange trucking and shipping to our customers. This contrasts with traditional lumber trade that often involves only buying and selling pre-sawn lumber.

Today we are actively seeking opportunities to create business related to biomass energy. In order to conserve the environment, the world is looking to substitute traditional natural resources with renewable energy.  While Canada has abundant non-renewable energy resources, it also has a vast and boundless land covered in trees. The potential of woody biomass is therefore nearly unlimited. Canada is located right between Asia and Europe, and we look forward to contributing not only to Sojitz but also to the world by promoting the use of biomass energy.  We are devoted to diversifying our sales channels and developing new markets while maintaining our good relationships with customers at home and abroad as we continuously strive to be the major player in the forest industry.