A Message from the CEO of Sojitz Corporation of America

Mr Koji Izutani

Sojitz Corporation of America has remained successful for over 50 years by providing knowledge, speed, and networking to our trading and investment  business activities. We continue to expand and diversify our business model in the fast-paced and rapidly changing modern era.

Based in New York and on my second assignment in the United States, I am excited to  lead the expansion of business in such a dynamic region such as the Americas. Our guiding principles are to conduct business with trust, speed, and perseverance while innovating to take on new challenges. The long and close relationships we’ve built with business partners around the world are proof that these principles have stood the test of time. Sojitz’s greatest asset, our employees, adhere to these time-honored tenets while continually bringing “New Way, New Value” to the Americas region.

signature (Izutani)